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Nokia Mobile Price in Bangladesh (BDT)

Model Name Product Description MRP in Bangladesh

Nokia is popular and brand mobile in Bangladesh. The largest mobile seller and it’s a fashionable. Nokia is a global head in mobile interactions whose products have grow to be an integral part of the lives of public around world. Daily, more than 1.3 billion people use Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one nother. Nokia's technical and design innovation have made its brand one of the most standard in the world.

Model Name Product Description MRP (BDT)
Nokia 1209 BD M.Blue         Tk.2599.00
Nokia 1600 BD Black      Tk.3400.00
Nokia 1600 L.K Black     Tk.3400.00
Nokia 1110i BD D.Brown   Tk.2750.00
Nokia 1110i BD C.Blue    Tk.2750.00
Nokia 1200 BD Black      Tk.2200.00
Nokia 1200 BD Blue       Tk.2200.00
Nokia 1208 BD Black      Tk.2499.00
Nokia 1208 BD Red        Tk.2499.00
Nokia 1209 BD S.Grey     Tk.2599.00
Nokia 2600c BD Black     Tk.4750.00
Nokia 2600c BD Blue      Tk.4750.00
Nokia 2600c BD Gold      Tk.4750.00
Nokia 2626 BD Navy Blue  Tk.3925.00
Nokia 1600 B.Keymat L.SilverTk.3400.00
Nokia 1600 L.Silver      Tk.3400.00
Nokia 1600 Black         Tk.3400.00
Nokia 1650 BD Black      Tk.3100.00
Nokia 1650 BD Red        Tk.3100.00
Nokia 1650 BD All Black  Tk.3100.00
Nokia 1680c BD Black     Tk.3995.00
Nokia 1680c BD Grey      Tk.3995.00
Nokia 1680c BD W.Red     Tk.3995.00
Nokia 2630 BD Black      Tk.4995.00
Nokia 2650 Silver        Tk. 6730.00
Nokia 2650 Brown         Tk. 6730.00
Nokia 2650 Red           Tk. 6730.00
Nokia 2680s BD Grey      Tk. 6100.00
Nokia 2680s BD Blue      Tk.6100.00
Nokia 2760 BD Gold       Tk.4995.00
Nokia 2760 BD Red        Tk.4995.00
Nokia 2760 BD Grey       Tk.4995.00
Nokia 3110c BD Orange    Tk.6950.00
Nokia 3110c BD Black     Tk.6950.00
Nokia 3250 (1GB) BD Red  Tk.21350.00
Nokia 3250 (1GB)BD Grey  Tk.21350.00
Nokia 3120c BD Graphite  Tk.9100.00
Nokia 3220 Black         Tk.7240.00
Nokia 3220 Red           Tk.7240.00
Nokia 3220 White         Tk.7240.00
Nokia 3220 Silver        Tk.7240.00
Nokia 3220 BD Black      Tk.7240.00
Nokia 3500c BD Grey      Tk.8900.00
Nokia 3500c BD Pink      Tk.8900.00
Nokia 3600s BD Charcoal  Tk.12700.00
Nokia 3600s BD Red       Tk.12700.00
Nokia 5000d BD P.Purple  Tk.6350.00
Nokia 5000d BD Black     Tk.6350.00
Nokia 5000d BD Blue      Tk.6350.00
Nokia 5000d Neon Blue    Tk.6350.00
Nokia 5000d Cyber Green  Tk.6350.00
Nokia 5200 BD Red        Tk.8300.00
Nokia 5200 Red           Tk.8300.00
Nokia 5200 BD L.Blue     Tk.8300.00
Nokia 5200 BD Black      Tk.8300.00
Nokia 5220 BD Red        Tk.9995.00
Nokia 5220 BD Green      Tk.9995.00
Nokia 5220 BD Blue       Tk.9995.00
Nokia 5300 BD All Black  Tk.9750.00
Nokia 5300 BD Lilac      Tk.9750.00
Nokia 5300 BD Red        Tk.9750.00
Nokia 5300 BD Black      Tk.9750.00
Nokia 5300 BD D.Grey     Tk.9750.00
Nokia 5310 BD All Black  Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5310 BD Blue       Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5310 BD Red        Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5310 BD C.Gothic   Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5310 (512MB) Blue  Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5310 (512MB) Red   Tk.12650.00
Nokia 5320 BD Red        Tk.13300.00
Nokia 5320 BD Blue       Tk.13300.00
Nokia 5500 (512MB) Grey  Tk.13500.00
Nokia 5500  D.Grey       Tk.13500.00
Nokia 5610d BD Candy     Tk.17300.00
Nokia 5610d BD Blue      Tk.17300.00
Nokia 5610d BD Red       Tk.17300.00
Nokia 5610d 512MB Blue   Tk.17300.00
Nokia 5610d (512MB) Red  Tk.17300.00
Nokia 5700 BD Khaki      Tk.18600.00
Nokia 5700 BD Black      Tk.18600.00
Nokia 5700 BD Red        Tk.18600.00
Nokia 6070 Baby Blue     Tk.6050.00
Nokia 6070 BD Dark Grey  Tk.6050.00
Nokia 6070 Dark Grey     Tk.6050.00
Nokia 6600s Full Black   Tk.19300.00
Nokia 7070d BD B.V.Pink  Tk.4395.00
Nokia 7070d BD B.V.Blue  Tk.4395.00
Nokia 7210c V.Blue       Tk.7995.00
Nokia 7210c BD B.Pink    Tk.7995.00
Nokia 7310c Blue.Green   Tk.10400.00
Nokia 7310c Blue.Pink    Tk.10400.00
Nokia 7510a BD Blue      Tk.12950.00
Nokia 6080 BD Black      Tk.6750.00
Nokia 6110 BD Black      Tk.21300.00
Nokia 6120c BD Black     Tk.12200.00
Nokia 6120c BD Blue      Tk.12200.00
Nokia 6120c BD Red       Tk.12200.00
Nokia 6120c BD Pink      Tk.12200.00
Nokia 6120c BD White     Tk.12200.00
Nokia 6125 Silver Black  Tk.13300.00
Nokia 6500c BD Black     Tk.16000.00
Nokia 6500c BD Bronze    Tk.16000.00
Nokia 6500s Black Silver Tk.18000.00
Nokia 6125 BD C.Black    Tk.13300.00
Nokia 6210s BD Red       Tk.22400.00
Nokia 6210s BD Black     Tk.22400.00
Nokia 6220c BD Black     Tk.23250.00
Nokia 6220c BD Plum      Tk.23250.00
Nokia 6233 C.Black       Tk.12300.00
Nokia 6233 MMC BD White  Tk.17500.00
Nokia 6280 Carbon Black  Tk.17300.00
Nokia 6280 Carbon Black  Tk.17300.00
Nokia 6300 Red Silver    Tk.10500.00
Nokia 6300 White Silver  Tk.10500.00
Nokia 6300 Black Silver  Tk.10500.00
Nokia 6300 BD Black      Tk.10500.00
Nokia 6500s Full Black   Tk.18000.00
Nokia 6600f S. Purple    Tk.20300.00
Nokia 6600f BD Black     Tk.20300.00
Nokia 7510a BD Red       Tk.12950.00
Nokia 7610s BD Black     Tk.14800.00
Nokia 7610s Gmetal.R.B  Tk.14800.00
Nokia 7610s White .L.B   Tk.14800.00
Nokia 7900D Black        Tk.23000.00
Nokia 8600d BD Black     Tk.46400.00
Nokia 8800               Tk.60000.00
Nokia 8800 S.Edition     Tk.60000.00
Nokia 8800e (Br) Brown   Tk.71900.00

Nokia E66 BD White       Tk.30500.00
Nokia E66 BD Grey        Tk.30500.00
Nokia E70 Black Silver   Tk.29000.00    
Nokia E70 G. Silver      Tk.29000.00
Nokia E51 BD Grey        Tk.16750.00
Nokia E51 BD Rose        Tk.16750.00
Nokia E51 BD White       Tk.16750.00
Nokia E51 BD Black       Tk.16750.00
Nokia E61i Red Silver    Tk.26750.00
Nokia E61i Blackberry M.Silver Tk.26750.00
Nokia E65 Mocca/Silver   Tk.16800.00
Nokia E65 BD Red         Tk.16800.00
Nokia E65 BD Black       Tk.16800.00
Nokia E71 BD Grey        Tk.31500.00
Nokia E71 BD White       Tk.31500.00
Nokia E90 BD Mocca       Tk.47000.00
Nokia E90 BD Red         Tk.47000.00

Nokia N72 BD Deep Plum    Tk.11950.00
Nokia N72 RP Ver Black    Tk.11950.00
Nokia N72 BD Kenzo Pink   Tk.11950.00
Nokia N73 D.Plum/Silver   Tk.21400.00
Nokia N73 BD M.Brown      Tk.21400.00
Nokia N73 M.Brown         Tk.21400.00
Nokia N73 (SME) Black     Tk.18800.00
Nokia N76 BD Black        Tk.21700.00
Nokia N76 BD Red          Tk.21700.00
Nokia N78 Lagoon Blue     Tk.21500.00
Nokia N70 (RLF) Black    Tk.14,800.00
Nokia N70 (RLF) BD Black  Tk.14800.00
Nokia N72 BD RP Ver Pink  Tk.11950.00
Nokia N72 BD Black        Tk.11950.00
Nokia N72 BD Pink         Tk.11950.00
Nokia N78 Cocoa Brown     Tk.21500.00
Nokia N79 White/LS Blue   Tk.26900.00
Nokia N79 Seal Grey/Brown  Tk.26900.00
Nokia N81 BD Grey          Tk.19900.00
Nokia N81 BD Blue          Tk.19900.00
Nokia N81 8GB Brown 8GB    Tk.25250.00
Nokia N82 BD Warm          Tk.25300.00
Nokia N82 BD Warm White    Tk.25300.00
Nokia N82 BD Black         Tk.25300.00
Nokia N85 BD Copper        Tk.33800.00
Nokia N93 BD P.Black       Tk.46500.00
Nokia N93 P.Black          Tk.46500.00
Nokia N93i D. Plum (1 GB) Tk.42000.00
Nokia N95 BD 3G Deep Plum  Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 BD 3G Sand       Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 BD Black         Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 BD Red           Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 BD Game Red      Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 BD Game Black    Tk.26500.00
Nokia N95 8GB BD Copper    Tk.33000.00
Nokia N95 8GB Warm Black   Tk.33000.00
Nokia N96 BD Dark Grey     Tk.46000.00


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